Vote Laura Employee of the Year

My sister thinks she’s soooo smart.

2011 ad in local paper, Cook News Herald and Free Press

On October 27, 2011, after 6 years of faithful service, my sister finally graciously crowned me Employee of the Month (at Cook Dollar Barn) October of last year. On the 27th. Doing math, my reign was FOUR DAYS.

Employee of the Month, Cook Dollar Barn
Oct. 27, 2011. So gracious…

Yes, I am usually the only employee. Yes, she has bestowed this honor on many non-employees and the dog (Walli Pajari-Williams).

And the taunting continues…

Also last year, I started a write-in campaign. I bought a bunch of post cards (4/$1 at The Barn), stamped and pre-addressed them to my sister, and passed them out to some of our wonderful customers. The response was overwhelming! (Batteries ran out on camera- pics of those wonderful votes tomorrow.)

But it wasn’t quite enough to win me the title.

Take that.

That’s Cook Dollar Barn, PO Box 1047, Cook, MN 55723.

Now that the summer rush is over, I have taken up the torch again. Only now I want to be Employee of the Year. Less pressure on a monthly basis.

Perks include:

  • My own office, complete with
  • Blue UV Slushy Machine
  • A Hammock
  • A parking spot for Jake (my truck) and I
  • Any other crap I can come up with

I have set the poll to allow multiple votes per person. Because this is not a real election. So vote as often as you like, unless you’re voting for the dog. If you don’t feel you have enough information to cast your vote, that’s ok. More posts to follow.


The Baby

11 thoughts on “Vote Laura Employee of the Year

  1. Laura I voted for you hands down cuz I love you and well to be honest I am tired of your whining as I am sure Lois is too LMAO J/K Love you

    1. Oh my goodness, these are ablsluteoy incredible! I’m wondering what they’re all used for… do you have any ideas? I esp like the last shot, there’s just so many! Beautiful horses & the 3rd shot is just too cute!Thanks a ton for joining & hope you visit again… Barn Charm =)

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