What IS a Blog Award??

As far as I can tell, it combines the interesting parts of a chain letter – without the death threats- and  a creative writing assignment. It’s a way to meet other bloggers, discover interesting new blogs to follow, and give readers a snapshot of who I am at the same time.

I tried to find info on WordPress and the internet about blog awards, and while they are not the same as a Webby, or  The Pulitzer Prize , they are still an honor to receive.

Nominating another blogger is like sending them a greeting card or a short note on foofy stationery with cool stickers, etc. that says, “Hey! I visited your blog and read some of your posts. I like what you’ve done with the place. Welcome to the neighborhood.”

There are always rules, which kind of makes me nervous. Are these really rules, or just guidelines? Can I take what I like and leave the rest? Do I have to follow all of them to the letter to accept the award? ie: I was nominated for The Liebster Award, and one of the rules was that I could only nominate blogs that had 200 or less followers. I barely know how to determine how many followers MY blog has!

I am really new to blogging (Pajarigirls launched August 2012 and I subscribed to maybe 2 blogs before that). Help. Me. I’m raising my hand because I fell behind!!

raised hand
image credit: http://www.cringely.com/feed/podcast/

Is this right? Other thoughts on Blog Awards?

7 thoughts on “What IS a Blog Award??

  1. Haha, I make up the rules as I go and no one’s complained yet… even going so far as using my sticker chart on the side instead of posting the actual badge. The only blogger award out there that you’ll get in trouble for changing is the Blog of the Year award, but to avoid that nonsense, I just change it to another award whenever I get it. 😀 For the Liebsters, I try to give it to newbie bloggers… so less than a year of posts, or less than a hundred posts, or less than 200 followers. Totally arbitrary, but it makes sense to me, haha! 🙂 Congrats on your award (well-deserved!). 🙂

    1. Thanks for letting me know what you do with them…lol I didn’t even know it was an option to not accept. I thought I had to do it, STAT!

  2. Since you nominated ME, I thank you again. I’m still working on my own response, since 1) I only follow a few people, 2) figuring out their stats is tough and 3) my one year old tends to unplug the computer if I’m on it for longer than five minutes. No joke. Thanks for posting this, I had questions too.

    1. That was the Liebster, right? Check out Rara’s comment; wish I’d known THAT before I started lol!

      Halfway through crafting my own response, I started to feel a little guilty nominating people. I was still honored, but it took a long time to reply, and I worried that I was doing it wrong. I’m glad this post helped. I think I will add a link to it in my future “Acceptance Posts”, if I decide to accept more awards.

      Good luck with that one-year-old thing…lol. I had to wait to blog until two out of three spawn were grown and gone. The Third Spawn and I spent another sick day home today, but he is 11, so it’s waaaaaaay easier than when they were little.

      Thanks for chiming in!

      Loveyabye. 🙂

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