Um…What the #*@! just happened??

I just got off the phone with my friend informally adopted sister and Official Pajari Girl Melanie. She and her sister Jody had mentioned the community play earlier in the week, and I said I would think about it and get back to them. That was a lie….I was buying time to form a loving, polite, Minnesota Nice “NO”. She texted me from the first meeting and eventually called. And I think I just said, “OK, I’ll try it.” Because she said I could be Thespian of the Month if I participated, and the Employee of the Year title is looking out of reach, as is Parent of the Year.

Acting in it. That’s a big commitment….practice twice a week til APRIL. I joke to my sister that I was “born for the stage”, but realized that it was a lie when Lois made me play piano for Timber Days and tambourine during Music in the Park.

In high school, my bffaeaeai (best friend for ever and ever and ever, infinity) Terri and I volunteered to help with a play because we had a crush on the substitute English teacher. We made scenery; we didn’t act.

Mr. Durbin talked us into writing plays for a contest around that time, too. I think I just did it because I wanted to get out of study hall and lunch hour to play with the Apple IIe DOS word processor.

I don’t know if I can do this. In elementary school, I often got picked for plays in school and church because I could memorize all the lines so easily.

But but butbutbutbut…..

This could be fun.

Or humiliating.

Or I could let them down.

Breathe, Pajari!!!

I text my Spawn for support, and all I get is “BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!” My sister said she told them I “was born for the stage”! Oh Criminy…..what the…. Fahrvergnügen just happened? I MISS SWEARING!!!

Shit. Crap. Crappy? No, Crappie. Crappie Talk was the original name of the play…now it’s KOLD Radio, Whitefish Bay . I don’t know what character I’m going to be.

I’ll just be over here in the corner, having a breakdown if anybody needs me…

16 thoughts on “Um…What the #*@! just happened??

  1. I will be the one in the front row with the 1,000,000 candle power spotlight shinin on your tap dance number and grinning with giddy pride.

  2. If they’ve got any unfrozen gray matter left, they’ll write you in as yourself! Think about it ….. Just think about it……

      1. I call b.s.!!!! I never said that…we actually improvise….often…. Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone 🙂

  3. What!? Are you kidding!? Acting is getting up and not being yourself. If it doesn’t work – “that wasn’t me” – if it works (and Hollywood is calling) “it was all me”! But tell you what, hon, an artist is an artist. Whether your acting, crafting, writing, or making ice candles/suncatchers.

  4. This is GREAT! You will have fun. If I can sing,dance,and pretend brawl in one of their plays,you can do this! Love you proud of you!

    1. This is GREAT???!! That’s what I always say (It’ll be GREAT!) when, in fact, I usually mean the opposite. ie: “Lois, you should open a dollar store! It’ll be GREAT!”

      I always knew you could sing, dance, and brawl in real life….not exactly a stretch.. 😛

      And you’re right; it will be fun, and cheaper than anti-depressants lol. Loveyabye.

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