Fire Pictures

The day of the fire, I bought a new camera. First I took a picture of Lois and Paul out front of the Barn, then some pics of Danny Boy’s Pee-Wee baseball game. That’s when I got the call from my daughter Harley that the building was on fire. See you tonight and/or Friday? Loveyoubye.

Cook Dollar Barn

The last week  MONTH has been a combination of a bad dream and a funeral. Every time I turn around, Lois is looking at the building and crying. It’s not just us that are grieving, either. Everyone seems to have had a connection to that building or the people in it. Who didn’t take dance lessons there, have a tooth filled there, live there after a divorce, or play Ms. Pac-Man in Suzy Q’s?  A thousand times a day we think, “I can get Harley a new toothbrush at The Barn”, or nail clippers for Randy, or a bag of Jalepeno chips that I meant to get for Doc S. (my other Boss at the Tooth Fairy gig).

There is a Facebook page for all the updates, thanks to Comet Carol Carlson and Mary Conger (who is updating it from!) called Brown Building Fire Relief Efforts. There…

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  1. I remember sitting at the stools eating dill pickle chips as a toddler when my mom owned Suzy Qs…I used to think I was so big. I also remember thinking that since my mom owned the store I should be able to have all the gum I wanted. Hey…I was 3. What can I say? I also loved when the post office was there because I thought it was absolutely magical how the mail was delivered into its slots, and the boxes were so beautiful with the old fashioned knobs. Now my kids have such fond memories of the Brown Building too…but in a different way. Its going to be hard to keep walking past the rubble…a constant reminder for everyone of the loss. But also, a constant reminder of what we still have that could have been lost, that wasn’t. 😉 Love you all!

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